It’s time to take charge of your own health and healing.  And, while that’s easier than most people seem to think, it can feel daunting to get started.  Especially in a world where we have all been “Educated” to believe the Corporate controlled perspective on Health and Science, where Doctors and Scientists are Godlike experts rather than, for the most part, regular people who have just happened to acquire some specialized Dogma.

This Blog will be a place for me to post (and in many cases repost)  essential articles which will help most people follow their own Healing Path.

A basic principle followed here is that ALL health information coming from a corporate entity is suspect, as the Primary mission of a Corporate Entity is to make money.  Helping you become healthy is rarely compatible with that mission.  The “Health Care” industry is a machine that must be fed by a constant stream of willing victims for tests and procedures.  It’s no surprise that Surgery is usually recommended over a few months of manual therapy and dietary focus even for minor ails.

Vaccines Do not Work as advertised and are harmful in general.

Most Pharmaceuticals do not work as advertised and/or are harmful in general.

Whole, Live plant materials along with quality minerals and manual therapy make the best interventions for illness and disease.

Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.  ….Hippocerates


And for the anal retentive amongst you…. i am  NOT a Doctor.  I am  NOT and DO NOT diagnose or prescribe anything.

I am merely, and enthusiastically, sharing information that I feel has been useful in my own life.