The research by Dr. Rory Collins has been widely used to justify putting millions of people on statin drugs to lower their cholesterol. However, after being challenged to release his data


icon1.png on side effects, he has changed his tune. Now he is claiming that there may be serious side effects but that he has not seen data on that – the same data that previously he said he would not share with others. Statins are the world’s best-selling pharmaceutical drugs of all time. Can you smell the stench?

Statin Drug Scandal: Cholesterol-lowering Drug Researchers Start Backtracking

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The cholesterol-lowering statin drug empire continues to crumble. This past Sunday (February 15, 2015) the Sunday Express in the UK published a headline story stating that Oxford professor Dr. Rory Collins, whose research had been used to support putting millions of patients on statin drugs, was reassessing the data behind those studies for possible drug side effects they might have missed previously.

According to the Express:

Although the original research looked at the effect of statins on the heart and considered cancer risks


icon1.png it did not examine other side effects.

A Pharmaceutical Scandal that Can No Longer Be Hidden?

This announcement by Dr. Collins is stunning, to say the least, and points to a massive cover-up and scandal related to statin drugs.

In 2014, Dr. Collins supported calls in the UK to put more people on statin drugs. However, he met with some opposition, and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a couple of articles documenting some of the side effects of statin drugs, which would call into question new government guidelines that would encourage physicians to put more patients on the already popular class


icon1.png of cholesterol-lowering drugs. Statins are the world’s best selling pharmaceutical drugs of all time, with no close competitors.

Dr. Collins criticized the  BMJ articles, and demanded that they retract them. According to Dr. Malcolm Kendrick:

He stated that these articles were irresponsible, worse than Andrew Wakefield’s work on the MMR vaccine, and that thousands would die if they were scared off taking their statins by such articles. (Source.)

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